Organizations offering scholarships to Pakistani Students

Scholarships and financial assistance plays a vital role in education of a student. Educational expenditures have been increased immensely, this burden is difficult for students to handle. Despite of being high achiever and good scoring many students quit studies due to lack of financial resources. It is evident from the history that free education has brought many scientists and think tanks on the surface. Education is given due importance and it is considered as priority in every part of the world. Countries provide loans and scholarships to students so that they can complete their studies.
In Pakistan this Nobel initiative was at first taken in 2002 by Karwan-e-ilm Foundation as an institution. KIF started sanctioning scholarships to talented but resource-less students. The foundation was established on the thought that every brilliant student must complete studies lack of money should not become hurdle for them. Until now Thousands of students have become engineer, doctors, teachers, researchers with Karwan-e-ilm Foundation’s support.
The good news is that recently multiple local, national and international organizations are offering scholarships to students of Pakistan. USA, Britain, Germany, Japan etc are offering full bright and partial scholarships to the students in Pakistan these programs include US-PAKISTAN knowledge corridor PhD scholarship program, split PHD and post doctoral fellowship program in France, HRDI- faculty development of UESTPS-UETS-phase-1, Australia awards scholarships 2018 etc.
9th Class Notes you can check here.
The government of Pakistan is also offering scholarships for M.Phil and PHD level. Every year dozens of students avail these scholarships and they are also provided with opportunity to complete their degrees of M. Phil and PHD from foreign states.
The well reputed NGO,s and welfare organizations are now helping students to complete studies and become productive citizen. You can also avail the scholarships the list of few is given below:

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