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Lahore Board 12th Class Result

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Pastpapers of 12th Class BISE Lahore Board

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لاہور بورڈ نے انٹرمیڈیٹ میں نمایاں پوزیشنیں لینے والے طلبہ و طالبات کے ناموں کا اعلان کردیا

مجموعی طور پر ٹاپ تینوں پوزیشنیں لڑکیاں لے اڑیں
کشف ثنااللہ نے 1100 میں سے 1062 نمبر لے کر ٹاپ کر لیا
سجل طارق نے 1058 نمبر لے کر دوسری پوزیشن حاصل کی
کشف علی نے 1053 نمبر لے کر مجموعی طور پر تیسری پوزیشن حاصل کی
پری انجینئرنگ لڑکیوں میں
ثنا ساجد 1034 نمبر پہلی پوزیشن
حریم رضا 1032 نمبر دوسری پوزیشن
عروج عرفان 1030 نمبر تیسری پوزیشن
پری انجینئرنگ لڑکوں میں
اسامہ عقیل نے 1051 نمبر لے کر پہلی
محمد حارث شاہ اور شیراز احمد نے 1049 نمبر لے کر دوسری
محمد اسامہ نے 1048 نمبر لے کر تیسری پوزیشن لی
پری میڈیکل لڑکوں میں حسنین مشتاق نے 1045 نمبر لے کر پہلی پوزیشن لی
پری میڈیکل لڑکوں میں حمزہ احمد اور حامد ارشد نے 1044 نمبر لے کر دوسری پوزیشن لی
پری میڈیکل لڑکوں میں محمد زین نے 1042 نمبر لے کر تیسری پوزیشن حاصل کی
جنرل سائنس لڑکے 
محمد ثاقب رانا 1029 پہلی
محمد عامر 1027 دوسری
محمد عمیر ملک 1016 تیسری
کامرس گروپ لڑکے
میاں فرقان وقار 1005 پہلی
محمد سیف اللہ جاوید 997 دوسری
مبین حسین 990 تیسری
جنرل سائنس لڑکیاں
فاطمہ شفقت 1028 پہلی
فاطمہ سلیم 1010 دوسری
زینب ناز بٹ 1008 تیسری
کامرس لڑکیاں
جویریہ جاوید خان 1009 پہلی
لائبہ بابر اور مطال آصف 999 دوسری
ثمرہ الطاف 997 تیسری
آرٹس گروپ لڑکے
عثمان غنی 954 پہلی
غلام مصطفی 959 دوسری
تیمور رضا سلطان 948 تیسرس پوزیشن
آرٹس گروپ لڑکیاں
اقرا 1015 پہلی
طیبہ ڈار 993 دوسری
عظمیٰ وارث 988 تیسری پوزیشن

BISE Lahore Board 12th class result will hopefully announce in the first week of September under the supervision of the Board of Intermediate and secondary education Lahore. The management of the board is working in a well-mannered way to brighten-up the standard of education in the country. Similarly, the management of BISE Lahore 12th class result is carrying out the responsibility to maintain the environment in a sensitive way.

Lahore Board 12th class Result

The 12th class result is a very sensitive step for the academic career of the students. Every student knows the importance of 12th class for further studies. Ultimately, they all know about the importance of bright future and these results are very helpful for the further academics. As a matter of fact, parents construct their higher expectations with the result of a student and it should be very essential to follow the way of hard work.    

The Result of 12th class in Lahore Board

BISE Lahore Board 12th class result authorizes for matriculation, intermediate, Pakistani and Classical languages results. BISE Lahore Board 12th class result is an independent educational board while it is the one of the oldest board in all over Pakistan. This board was constituted in 1954 and had taken a charge of independence.  The quality is an integral part of BISE Lahore Board 12th class result.

12th class Result of Lahore Board

Presently, the 12th class result is the time of great hope for those students who expect highest marks. The BISE Lahore 12th class result organizes its secured policies in a much secured way.

Results of 12th class in BISE Lahore Board

In every year, millions of students get their registration from this board and attempt the examination. Nowadays, BISE Lahore Board 12th class result is arranging the results of 12th class while after the complete arrangements; the board will announce the results and uploads on its website. Moreover, this board covers many governments and other private institutions for the motive of the continuous educational system. Therefore, BISE Lahore Board 12th class result 2019 conducts matriculation exams in the first week of May. After taking the exams, the board sends the papers to the respective qualified teacher to mark them. Now the exams have over.  All students are waiting for the announcement of results. 

BISE Lahore Board Results:               

BISE Lahore Board 12th class result 2019 conduct the secondary and higher secondary examination. It also affiliates many private institutions. Furthermore, there are many schools that have affiliated with these districts like Kasur, Okara, Sheikhupura, Nankana Sahib, and Lahore. No doubt, this is the best work under the supervision of Board of Intermediate and Secondary education Lahore. In any case, Students can follow us and get the latest updates from BISE Lahore Board 12th class result 2019 on this page after the official declaration.       

The Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education which is also known as Lahore Board, has announced the date of the result of 12th class, 2019. According to the date the announced by the board the result will be announced on 12th September 2019.
The Board of Intermediate and Secondary education, Lahore has conducted the exams of 12th class in the first week of April, 2019 the board is now in the final process of compiling the result and will announce it on 12th September, 2019. Inter Part 2 Result 2019 is available online.
BISE Lahore is one of the largest boards in the country in which more than 2 million students get enrolled every year. The educational jurisdiction of the board is not confined to the city of Lahore only, it also has an educational authority over the areas of Okara, Kasur, Sheikhupura and Nankana Sahib.
The students of 12th class are advised to stay in touch with the site as the site will upload the result of 12th class, 2019 as soon as it is announced by the board.