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FA Result 2020 | All Pakistan BISEs Boards

Last updated: September 22, 2020


All Punjab BISEs Boards FA Result 2020 - Citywise


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One of the most commonly opted programs at intermediate level is FA. Usually, this is regarded as an optional program by the students but there is still a huge potential for students who study FA. There are multiple careers and professions which are available for students even after studying FA. As far as the current year is concerned, the exams are completed successfully and now students are waiting for FA Result 2020. However, any official announcement is yet to come.

BISE Lahore

Being one of the most professional educational boards in the country, BISE Lahore has been that board which advises all other boards in important areas. At present, BISE Lahore Board FA Result 2020 is much anticipated by the students and institutes as the exams are completed and students are now waiting. There is a high probability that results might be declared in the month of September, 2020.

BISE Faisalabad

BISE Faisalabad Board FA Result 2020 is the new talk of the town among the students included in jurisdiction of BISE Faisalabad Board. There are thousands of students associated with the board that keep on asking regarding the results. Official announcement is not too far away as reported by few of the officials, whereas, results might be declared in the end of August, 2020.

BISE Gujranwala

Gujranwala being one of the largest cities of Pakistan is host to people in millions, hence, the number of students and institutes are also humungous. In order to maintain its key standards, board is working night and day for releasing BISE Gujranwala Board FA Result 2020. There are speculations that result schedule will be announced in the coming week.

BISE Multan

FA is opted by many students across the country and even in Multan. It is one of the largest educational boards in the province of Punjab. Once the exams are completed, students and institutes wait for BISE Multan Board FA Result 2020. Some of the sources from the board have said that results will be declared in the month of either August or September.

BISE Sargodha

Sargodha has been one of those cities that has grown immensely as far as education is concerned. But this brings great influx of students which are currently glued to know BISE Sargodha Board FA Result 2020. However, there are possibilities that the schedule can be announced in next week followed by results announcement.

BISE Rawalpindi

Rawalpindi being one of the ancient cities in subcontinent has a rich history which adds a uniqueness to the city itself. However, the population in Rawalpindi is in great numbers which shows there must be hundreds and thousands of students that are currently waiting for BISE Rawalpindi FA Result 2020 with official dates still unknown.

BISE Bahawalpur

BISE Bahawalpur Board has been one of the important educational board as it caters to the need of students from South Punjab. Bahawalpur board has been working day and night for finalizing the schedule of BISE Bahawalpur Board FA Result 2020 but official dates of results declaration are expected to be in the month of August, 2020.


BISE DG Khan Board is the board located in Dera Ghazi Khan which is among one of the newer establishment as far as educational boards are concerned. BISE DG Khan Board FA Result 2020 shall be soon made available on the website. But the date still remains to be unknown. Nevertheless, a unanimous agreement will follow the declaration of results.

BISE Sahiwal

Sahiwal has been the recent establishment in the educational boards under Punjab Board. The results of students graduating from BISE Sahiwal have been encouraging with currently BISE Sahiwal Board FA Result 2020 to be declared soon. Official announcement is anticipated but to interest of all, results shall be declared as per mutual schedule of all educational boards in Punjab.

Federal Board

One of the most different boards in many aspects is Federal Board. It has a different syllabus and paper pattern, hence, it follows a completely different practice from what all other boards do. However, the Federal Board FA Result 2020 is publicized on the same date as does the other educational boards of Punjab.

BIEK Karachi

Karachi being the largest city of Pakistan has millions of students rather than hundreds and thousands. With the separation of secondary and higher secondary boards, there has been a lot of pressure on BIEK for releasing BIEK Karachi Board FA Result 2020. In order to respond to such requests and demands, BIEK Karachi will make an announcement in the coming week for the announcement of results.

BISE Sukkur

Sukkur has attained the status of better educational cities in the province of Sindh. One of the leading university of Pakistan is located in the same city. However, the success of these students are based on matric and inter level which helps them in getting to university level. Therefore, BISE Sukkur Board FA Result 2020 is extremely important for all the students.

BISE Hyderabad

BISE Hyderabad Board has been one of the professional educational boards in the province and country at large. It has a large jurisdiction and due to this BISE Hyderabad Board FA Result 2020 becomes of extreme importance. The possible dates for results announcement could be either in the month of August or September.

BISE Larkana

Every year, inter exams are conducted on their schedule as released by the respective educational boards. However, the date sheets and roll number slips are advised to follow religiously, which is then followed by BISE Larkana Board FA Result 2020. Probable dates of announcing the results could be in the month of September.

BISE Mirpurkhas

BISE Mirpurkhas Board conducted the inter and most importantly, FA exam successfully during the month of April and May, however, it is now followed by BISE Mirpurkhas Board FA Result 2020. All the boards in Sindh have decided to release the results with a mutual agreement of all.

Aga Khan Board

The duplicate version of Federal Board is Aga Khan Board in Karachi. It is absolutely different in its existence, whereas, paper pattern and syllabus are totally different from other educational boards in the provinces. More importantly, Aga Khan Board FA Result 2020 are declared on the same day in coordination with all the other educational boards of Sindh.

BISE Peshawar

BISE Peshawar has been one of those boards that were established in the independence days, however, more boards in KP were established from it. The exams were conducted successfully across its jurisdiction but currently, students are anxious to know about BISE Peshawar Board FA Result 2020.


Being one of the most devastated regions of the country, BISE Swat helped Swat in regaining it lost value. Students are now appearing out of every social class which brings stability to overall system. BISE Swat Board FA Result 2020 is the next key deliverable of the educational board.

BISE Kohat

BISE Kohat has been one of those boards that along with other educational boards in KP was able to complete the conduction of matriculation and intermediate exams. Due to large number of its students, they receive a lot of issues regarding BISE Kohat Board FA Result 2020 but the board has said to announce the results schedule in coming week.

BISE Malakand

Malakand is one of the bigger divisions within the province of KP. BISE Malakand Board FA Result 2020 is much awaited as students put in their complete efforts so that results can be successful in getting them admissions into top leading universities. The results for this year shall be notified as soon as the date is clear.

BISE Abbottabad

BISE Abbottabad Board has been planning for announcing BISE Abbottabad Board FA Result 2020. Examination season in the country was completed successfully and now students are anxiously waiting for the results to be announced. Official announcement is not too far away and probably, there could be exciting times in the month of either August or September.

BISE Bannu

BISE Bannu is one of the recent developments made by the educational department of KP. It is due to these boards that educational standard of entire KP is fast growing. In order to join the workforce through studying higher education, most of the students are waiting for BISE Bannu Board FA Result 2020.

BISE Mardan

BISE Mardan is one of those boards that have districts and agencies under their control. Like other areas of KP, Mardan was also a severe targeted area in the worst times. The situation now has improved continuously which has now given rise to a newer query by the students and their institutes regarding BISE Mardan Board FA Result 2020.

BISE Dera Ismail Khan

BISE DI Khan is the name associated with board located in Dera Ismail Khan. The board was able to conduct intermediate exams in the province without any major loss or unusual activity. In a similar manner, they are about to release BISE DI Khan FA Result 2020 which is about to be made public in the month of September.

BISE Quetta

Being the only educational board in Balochistan, it has been the responsibility of BISE Quetta to control all the educational matters. BISE Quetta Board FA Result 2020 will be declared in the month of September, 2020. Official announcement is yet to be made by the board authorities but there are high chances of results declaration in the said month.


FA Exams were conducted during a similar time in AJK which are to be then followed by results declaration. The exams have been completed and now students are waiting for BISE AJK Board FA Result 2020. Board will announce the schedule in coming week with results to be announced in the month of either August or September.

FA Result 2020

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