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BISE Sahiwal Board FA Result 2020

BISE Sahiwal conducted the examination for FA students in the month of May with other important examinations to be followed. The examinations are usually carried out in the month of May and June for 10th, 11th and 12th classes respectively. BISE Sahiwal is pretty young in its operations as compared to all the other educational boards of Punjab. However, the board has inherited a legacy system from BISE Lahore as it was earlier a part of that. BISE Sahiwal Board FA Result 2020 still remains unknown owing to the finalization of results announcement are still in process. Nevertheless, where there is a will, there is a way and finally, it has been made loud and clear through some of the sources that the result will be declared soon. The official verdicts are yet to come but the general public shall remain hopeful of the fact that it is just around the corner.

BISE Sahiwal FA Result 2020

The possible months for FA result declaration could be either September or October. The final dates are not made public owing to the fact that all the educational boards have decided to announce the result on same day. FA Result 2020 plays a very crucial part in the lives of students. It clearly specifies that the passing out of this level results in entering to the first year of Higher Education with ending of college education. The educational system of Pakistan is progressive based system in which success in the current grade results in promotion into the next one. The website of BISE Sahiwal is an efficient one which provides all the information related to examinations, date sheets and results. The official statement of the board declares that the results official announcement is not decided yet, however, there are high chances of making the announcement soon.

BISE Sahiwal is working since 2012 as it was established by Higher Education Department (HED) of the Punjab province. Before the formulation of BISE Sahiwal, its areas of jurisdiction were covered in BISE Lahore Board. Currently, BISE Sahiwal has its jurisdiction over the areas of Sahiwal, Pakpattan and Okara. The students have grown rapidly and are in huge numbers among these regions which is the major reasons of giving birth to BISE Sahiwal Board. The board works as an autonomous body and doesn’t asks for any grant or fund from the government. BISE Sahiwal generates its own funds through the collection of registration, examination and other fees. All the appointments are made under the banner of Punjab government and the validity of each position is for a period of three years. The major office holders of the board are Chairman, Secretary, Controller Examinations, Audit Officer and Director Physical Education.

Sahiwal Board FA Result 2020

The major functions of BISE Sahiwal are multidimensional as they conduct matric and inter examinations, issues recognition and affiliation certificates to public and private institutes, registers new students, provides certificates, NOCs, result cards and migration certificates. Furthermore, the board also solves the migration issues, provides scholarship opportunities and lastly, arranges extra-curricular activities in its jurisdictions. BISE Sahiwal is operated through various committees including Finance Committee, Appointments Committee, Paper setters and Head examiners committee and Committee of Courses. The board can generate any committee if they seem it appropriate. The board has different branches including Admin, Finance, Audit, Registration, Vehicle, Meeting, Litigation, Academics, One Window, Verification, Stores, Conduct, Secrecy, Discipline, Computer Section, and Embossing Cell. However, the board has various center of operations for Matriculation and Intermediate.

The criticalness of FA Results 2020 can be narrated from the fact that it is one central point of focus after all the years of school and college education. The key to this is that students study for a period of 12 years in total and then appear for FA exams. In general, a student has to study for twelve years before entering Higher Education and the entire evaluation is completed at the end of intermediate respectively. Matriculation and Intermediate exams are examined by various educational boards in the country. Announcement of FA results is just around the corner and in order to stay updated with all such information, keep visiting our website.

FA Result 2020

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