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BISE Rawalpindi Board 5th Class Result 2020 Attock Chakwal Jhelum Punjab Examination Commission PEC

Last updated: March 30, 2020

Note: Dear Students, Its really a bad news for the students that Punjab Examination Commission PEC has permanently closed the BISE Rawalpindi Board 5th Class exams. However we advise you to keep in touch with us to get latest news and updates from PEC. Thank you.

Result 2020

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Punjab Examination Commission PEC

Punjab Examination CommissionPEC

  • 31 Mar 2020
  • Awaiting [Coming Soon]
  • Nearly 2.6m students (as per 2019)
  • Position Holders
Alternate Text Punjab Rawalpindi [Attock, Chakwal, Jhelum]
PEC Recongized Sector   Govt Type   Annual

5th Class Result 2020 PEC - Citywise


BISE Rawalpindi Board 5th Class Result 2020 PEC

BISE Rawalpindi board 5th class result 2020 is the center of attraction these days. PEC will announce the result on 31st of March. It is one of the biggest and widest results of Pakistan in terms of number. Rawalpindi is converting into a mega city. With this rapid expansion, the educational facilities are also improving.

5th Class Result 2020

This is the reason that more students are getting admission in schools than ever before. The number of students who are waiting for BISE Sahiwal board 5th result 2020 is too high. The kids are waiting for the result, impatiently.

5th class result 2020 Rawalpindi board

Punjab Examination Commission PEC Results 2020 The day of BISE Rawalpindi 5 class result 2020 is full of anxiousness for the students. It is the day which brings the fruit of their hard work. The students give their input throughout the year. Rawalpindi board class 5th result 2020 is the day to get the fruit of that hard work. The day either brings happiness or sadness for the students.

It is not necessary that the students will get what they want. The result can be against their expectations. It is up to the student to handle the outcome be it positive or negative.

Rawalpindi board 5th class result 2020

"Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today."
Malcolm X

Apart from kids, Rawalpindi board five class result 2020 is very important for the parents as well. Parents expect a good result from their children. They invest their time, money, energy and effort in their kids. In return of their investment, they expect that their child will perform well in BISE Rawalpindi fifth class result 2020.

If a student does not get the marks which his parents had expected, it can be a sad situation. The parents just want their kids to do well in the exam. It is because they want their kids to move ahead in life.

BISE Rawalpindi 5th class result 2020

PEC Results 2020 PEC conducts 5th class exam every year in Rawalpindi. It not only conducts exam but also prepares BISE Rawalpindi class five result 2020. PEC has been an ultimate authority for conducting the exam and preparing the results. The authority is an impartial institution which has never been into any controversy.

It has always been fair in BISE Rawalpindi board 5 class result 2020. The exam which PEC conducts is not tough if students prepare well. If the preparation of the students is not well, it might get them into trouble.

BISE Rawalpindi board 5th class result is very important in the academic lives of the students. It is the energy and confidence booster for the students. If a student gets good marks in BISE Rawalpindi board class fifth result 2020, he/she will definitely feel more confident. The reason behind this confidence could be proving oneself.

This exam is taken by the outsiders and it is the best time to prove the ability. The exam gives a student an opportunity to prove that no forum is bigger for him/her. It is his/her inner ability which will make him/her enable to achieve at any stage.

5th Class Result 2020 PEC

Rawalpindi board result 2020 of 5th class

PEC conducts the exam and sends Rawalpindi board result 2020 cards to the address of the respective schools of the students. Private candidates get the result on their home address. The responsibility lies on the shoulders of PEC. It is the ultimate authority to compile BISE Rawalpindi 5th class result 2020.

The institution addresses the problems of the students in a responsible way. It not only compiles results but also accommodates the students. PEC is truly an institution which is facilitating the students in every way.

You can also check the Attock, Chakwal and Jhelum 5th class result 2020 here!

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