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BISE Bahawalpur Board FA Result 2020

March is the month in which exams are initiated with continuing to a long list of examinations to be conducted. As far as Punjab province is concerned, all the educational boards conduct examinations between the months of March to May or sometimes even June. These examinations are for the Matriculation and Intermediate classes. One of the most important exams among these is the FA exams. As soon as the exams are conducted, board and students wait for the results, similarly, BISE Bahawalpur Board FA Result 2020 is about to be declared soon. BISE Bahawalpur is planning to announce FA results in the month of September. The official dates for the results are not announced yet but all the educational boards are planning to announce it soon. All the educational boards of Punjab are in constant discussion with one another and they have decided to announce the FA results on similar dates.

BISE Bahawalpur FA Result 2020

FA exam is one of the important examinations in the educational system of Pakistan. It is the first step towards successful completion of college education. Upon passing of FA classes, one is promoted to next level of education, in fact, the college education is ended and university education is started. The intermediate level is termed as higher secondary school in the country. Once the students are declared clear in FA examination, they are eligible to get themselves enrolled in various universities and their different programs respectively. This means that it ends the level of intermediate and initiates the last educational level. The intermediate is termed as higher secondary school certificate. The results are published by the boards on the official website. BISE Bahawalpur has not made any official statement on FA Result 2020 yet, however, there is still much surety on the fact that some of the internal sources have made it clear that boards are planning to announce the result soon. As soon as the result dates are finalized, it will be notified through official website.

BISE Bahawalpur is one the major educational boards in the province of Punjab. There are very few boards that have a culture and history with them and BISE Bahawalpur is one of them. BISE Multan was bifurcated in 1977 and it resulted in the emergence of BISE Bahawalpur. The first office of BISE Bahawalpur was a camp office in the city of Multan. In 1978, BISE Bahawalpur shifted its operations in Bahawalpur city and conducted its first examination in the same year. The current building of BISE Bahawalpur is in its use since 1993 and was renovated back in 2010. It has multiple duties to perform which includes the provision of information of students to government, smooth conduction of examination, announcing the results, handing over of passing certificates, provision of NOCs, dealing with students’ requests of corrections, rechecking and migration, and providing scholarships to students.

Bahawalpur Board FA Result 2020

The board works to provide standardized examination system for the areas under its jurisdiction. However, the ultimate aim is targeted towards improving the quality of education by bringing in standardization. It is one of those boards that has laid down its organizational structure as well. It has various functions which are laid in the structure too, it includes Finance, Physical Education, Administration, General, Estate, Library, Stores, Record, General Printing, Confidential, Audit and Examination. The examination is one of the critical tasks at hand, therefore, it is quite detailed. It includes Computer Section, Secrecy Branch, Conduct Branch and Discipline Branch. BISE Bahawalpur has a separate Assistant Controller of Examinations for Matriculation and Intermediate. The board has a total number of 264 positions in which 240 are filled and operative.

The system of education in the country is based on stringent examination protocols and only the passing out of one level results in attending the higher level. There may be tremendous gaps in the current educational system but one has to keep pace and perform in such a dynamic environment. The only way forward is studying and securing good marks. The students shall follow some of the advices put forward as it can pave the way towards their success. Firstly, the students need to plan out their studies. The plan shall be based on daily basis, rather than studying on need basis or at the end of month, it is more important to study on daily basis. Secondly, the use of internet platforms is highly compromised which shall be used by the students.

FA Result 2020

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