Inter Part II Notes for All Subjects

The intent of this site is to offer a complete set of free online and downloadable and other helping material or tutorials for all subjects of 2nd year. At this platform, we tried to provide the notes/tutorials for the students in such a way that they should be available or accessible to anyone wanting to learn the subject regardless of their social status. Salient features of the site along with the suggestions for the student to get maximum benefit from it.

They would be student-friendly and infused with energy, humour and enjoyment. In addition, they would be updated to include new helping material such as revised exercises for practice. We have tried to design our layout with fresh colour illustrations.

The notes have been structured in a way to promote self-learning in students. Our helping material has exercises at their end so as to increase the learning ability in our students. At the initial level, our focus would be on the key subjects but gradually it would extend to all subjects.

Moreover, we suggest our students that they should work on the problems and answer the questions at the end of the helping notes. In this way, they will probably do well on the tests and ultimately in their exams. On the other hand, if the students neither answer the questions nor work on the problems, they will almost certainly do poorly on the tests.

Last but not the least, a student comes to our site in a well-prepared manner. It means whatever questions come into your mind, you can ask them in our QA sessions. This means you have read the material to be covered, you have something with which to take notes, and you might have even made a list of questions to ask from us. If you are prepared, you can ask good questions and it makes the discussion more interesting and it would also be beneficial for all the other learners or newcomers.

Inter Part II Notes for All Subjects

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