Winter Classes for Chinese Students at GCU

Government College University, Lahore is to set up winter school for the  students from china. Government College University and China Three Gorges University has signed the Memorandum of Understanding over the exchange program of student.  The agreement is signed by Chairman GCU political science department Dr. Khalid Manzoor Butt and Vice President of CTGU Dr. Huang Yinging at President’s Forum of South Asian Hubei Universities Alliance organized by government of China.

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Prof. Khalid Butt said, according to the agreement 20 Chinese students will attend winter school for 3 weeks at GCU for next 5 years. They will learn subjects like Pakistan Studies, Pak-China relations and English. The Chinese students will each pay $180 for the programs. Moreover each year 6 students and one teacher will be changed between the two countries for the period of 5 months. The agreement will promote Pak-China relationships it will also help to remove the communication barrier amongst the states.

The agreement also include joint ventures such as workshops, conferences, trainings and seminars.


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