What happened to the teacher who put chalk on the student's mouth for speaking Urdu?

In a private school in Karachi, a teacher who put black paint on a student's face for speaking Urdu was dismissed from the school.
Chairman All Private Schools Management Association Sindh Tariq Shah says that he strongly condemns the harassment of children for speaking Urdu.
He said that the private school came to know that the school teacher did this act with the child, the teacher was shown by the school management, today the school management dismissed him from the school.
Tariq Shah says that he apologizes to all the parents for this action of the teacher, he will continue to raise his voice against the harassment of students in schools.
It should be noted that a few days ago in a private school in North Nazimabad area of Karachi, the teacher slapped the face of the student for speaking Urdu, the video of which went viral on social media.

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