Website launched for COVID – 19 updates

Our dear homeland, Pakistan is a country full of talented and brilliant minds with trying to explore new opportunities. Adversities can be turned into opportunities by such minds and same has been done by one of the intellect of Pakistani society. Famous Technology Journalist and Video Director, Bilal Shah has launched a COVID – 19 website. The website presents all the latest updates related to corona virus. There may be many names given to the virus, however, it is now globally known as COVID – 19.

The basic layout of the website is not less than any international news website. The visitors can not only find the current information of the novel virus through the available platform but can reach out to numerous other facts related with it. The website presents all the latest information related to protection, treatment, vaccine and research owing to COVID – 19. The website has a separate mention for COVID – 19 across the world and at national level with COVID – 19 Pakistan. This is for the first time that the virus of such nature has emerged onto the scene, hence, everyone shall be updated with regards to the information on COVID – 19. The people at large can go to the website using the address of the site,

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