Video Director Saqib Siddique Needs Help to Survive.


Video Director Saqib Siddique needs funds to recover after major surgery of liver transplant. He needs very intense care, special food, and medicines. The young Music Director has made more than 300 videos of songs for various singers and has a good name in the media Industry. He has worked with many famous personalities including singers like Bohemia.

Previously, he had to go to India for the liver transplant. In India, he faced serious scarcity of funds for the completion of treatment.  The news quickly spread in Pakistan.

So in Pakistan popular Video Director Bilal Shah and his brother Adnan Bhatti DOB took initiative for fundraising. On their call media responded frequently and PM Imran Khan took notice immediately. The government provided the cost for the treatment of Saqib Siddique in India.

Now, he has arrived in Pakistan but he needs more financial help to recover after such a major surgery. For further details please contact Mr. Bilal Shah at +92321-4550005.



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