Using Chat GPT: How did the student pass the exam?

The artificial intelligence (AI) chat GPT bot has taken the world by storm since its introduction, with a large number of students using it to complete their assignments.
Also, many people have admitted to getting used to this new trend by writing their emails in specific tone and style and instructions through Chat GPT bot.
A UK student has passed a university exam using a ChatGPT bot at a time when the technology is being debated in educational institutions due to its impact.
According to a report by a foreign news agency, a student named Peter Snape Wengers allegedly used a ChatGPT bot to pass his final year exam from UK's Russell Group University.
He instructed the chatgpt bot to write a 2,000-word essay on the topic of social policy after getting the professor's approval.
It was a task that AI technology was capable of completing in just 20 minutes, Peter got a score of 53 (A to Two) for this essay.
It should be noted that artificial intelligence-based chatbots that have successfully passed medical and professional exams around the world have also worried academics.
Although chatbots are not a new technology, OpenAI's "ChatGPTbot" created a stir in December last year by gaining human-like ability to answer user queries, after which many experts warned that this advance in technology could cause major disruptions.

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