Ulema will now approve all the Islamic content in Punjab’s textbooks

Punjab Curriculum and Textbook Board (PCTB) is responsible for making curriculum and revising it on need basis across the province. Education is now made a provincial subject and the recent amendment in PCTB Bill has now made Ulemas the primary authority for approving all Islamic content in textbooks. Muttahida Ulema Board will screen all the Islamic content in subjects like Islamic Studies, Pakistan Studies, Islamic History, Urdu and all other subjects if there is such content.

The current bill of PCTB states that Ulema can recommend a ban on textbook that seems to be showcasing objectionable material. However, with the amendment approved by Punjab’s provincial assembly, now Ulema are the approving authority. The amendment was put forward by PML-Q’s MPA and was adopted unanimously. Upon the approval of amendment, Speaker Punjab Assembly passed a historic comment by stating that “we all have put an end to the practice of spreading wrong messages in the name of Islam”.


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