UET extends deadline for registration but asks students to come to campus

University of Engineering and Technology (UET) had announced the schedule of entry test exam including the registration deadline and date of test. Due to a spike rise in corona cases in Pakistan, Punjab Government had advised all universities and other educational institutes to suspend examinations of all types. Hence, the test will now not be conducted on the said dates, however, registration deadline for the students has been extended.

Last date for registration was 3rd June, 2020 but a large number of students were unable to register for the entrance test, therefore, registration deadline has been extended but those students are asked to come to UET campus for the same purpose. One of the press release by UET said that this facility could be availed only in the Lahore campus and is available for a limited time period. Online registration has been closed and now students have to come physically to Lahore campus which can be highly dangerous.

Few of the students from other parts of the country have registered their concerns regarding visiting Lahore as cases of deadly virus are rising in the major cities. However, university is of the view that most of the candidates have already applied for the test and this facility is available for those few who were unable to get themselves registered due to any issues. UET told the media that they have received 30,000 online applications for entrance test 2020.


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