UET and the Dress Code

Lahore: The University of Engineering and Technology IBM has revoked the notification of dress code. The notification of the dress code was previously announced for girls and boys. The order was highly unappreciated within and outside the institution.

The dress code for the girls and boys was strictly announced with the provision of imposing fine in case of violation. The female students were asked to wear shalwar kameez, long shirts with trousers and dupatta or scarf were compulsory. However, the male students had to wear Shalwar Kameez or Dress shirts and Pants. Shalwar Kameez was made Compulsory for boys on Friday.


Interestingly the orders proved counterproductive and backfired with severe criticism. Moreover, the Human Rights Commission of Pakistan also raised voice against the restriction of the right to choose.  As a result, the relaxation in the dress code is announced. 

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