TVET Master Trainers launched

Islamabad: Training for master trainers are held in Islamabad by TVET. On the event, The Minister for Federal Education and Professional Training Shafqat Mahmood said that skill development is one of the top priorities of government. The government is putting all the efforts to ensure conducive learning environment where the youth can explore their abilities and learn skills for a better lifestyle.

The opening ceremony of training for master trainers was held. It is the project of National Vocational and Technical Training Commission as one part of the reforms in vocational and technical training. In accordance with the program, the master trainers from various walks of life are trained by highly skilled professionals. The course is structured by the Australian Government Department of Education and training.

Moreover, the trainings will be given by experts from Melbourne Polytechnic Institute, Australia and Institute of Tourism, Hospitality Management. The program is arranged in collaboration with TVET and NAVTTC.

The trainings will continue in the other cities as well. The training is to be held in Lahore very soon.

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