Turning education institutes into Quarantine Centers is not a Good Idea

Novel Corona Virus appeared extensively in the month of March in the country and since then the daily lives have changed. The government shall be applauded as they have done tremendous efforts to curb the spread of virus but there are certain actions that are not good. Educational Institutes are being turned into quarantine centers and this can lead to catastrophic situation.

231 schools in KP have been turned into quarantine centers with Balochistan and Punjab governments to follow. The idea of using schools’ vast area is not a new idea but this virus easily finds new visitors through surfaces and humans. WHO, itself is unclear about the duration of COVID – 19. The major problem shall occur when these schools will be rolled back towards their original status.

The parents, students, teachers, and administrators of schools are concerned as they will be most vulnerable to catching up the virus again. The authorities would be required to completely disinfect the places and set up medical centers within the buildings. This will lead to minimizing the risks and boosting the confidence among all. Nevertheless, the government shall look towards setting up quarantine centers in underutilized government buildings, hotels, guests houses and other government owned properties.

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