The Learn Fest Lahore 2019

Lahore: The Learn Fest is to commence in Lahore from 22nd March 2019. The event is organized on the theme of “Apni Duniya Aap Peda Kar”. The event is organized by the Management House. Career   Karwan is the Media partner of Learn Fest Lahore 2019.

The innovative and unique event is to be held from 22nd March 2019 to 24th March 2019. It is a 3 days long Festival. The amazing nature of the event allow the interest and benefit of the people of every age group and class especially the students, professionals, Job Seekers, families, children and parents.  You must register at once to be able to attend the amazing event.

The extravaganza is to be covered by Career Karwan on its website and facebook pages. You can enjoy the activities through live Facebook stream as well

The activities in the Festival include workshops, lectures, infotainment programs, literature, music, sufi night etc. the event provides you a exclusive opportunity to  build your own future, to interact with leading CEO’s and Trainers, to learn management skills and to get great experience. Register now athttp://



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