The interior ministry announces Eidul Fitr holidays in the country from May 10 to 15.

The notification for Eid holidays has been issued by the Interior Ministry with the recommendation of National commands and operation centre also with the approval of Prime Minister Imran Khan. This year is coming during the third wave of pandemic COVID-19 when the corona patients are more than 800000 and thousands of deaths have been reported. Therefore this Eid will be under the strict SOP’s because only a free small portion of people have been vaccinated till now.

Vacations for Eid are announced form 10 May to 15 May. A movement has been announced with the title of “stay home, stay safe” to save the public form this wave from 8 May to 16 May.  During these vacations all public places, bazarsm businesses will remain closed. There will be no Chand Raat bazars, or Eid stalls to avoid public rush on this eid.

NCOC has issued the guideline as “All markets, businesses and shops will remain closed, except essential services such as grocery stores, medical stores, hospitals, vaccination centres, vegetable, fruit and meat shops, bakeries, petrol pumps, food takeaways and media houses.”

 To keep the people busy at home electronic media has been advised to on air entertainment material like movies, dramas shows etc. Moreover there will be no electricity shortage during these days. International flights are also slashed from Pakistan for two weeks.

Interprovincial, intercity and intra-city public transport will be completely restricted. Private vehicles, taxies/cabs and rickshaws etc. can work in the city with half occupancy.


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