The Hiring of 37000 Teachers by Sindh Govt

Chief Ministers, Ministers, advisors, the chief secretary, and all the secretaries concerned of the Sindh Government had a meeting on Thursday, 11 Feb 2021. In the meeting, it was decided to hire over 37,000 teachers through IBA Sukkur within the next three years to recover unemployment and academic performance. According to the instruction of CM, criteria are designed to hire teachers in primary schools with the recommendations of all chairpersons.  Recommendations were a bit better than older criteria.


The minimum qualification to hire a primary teacher should be graduation with at least a second division.  That was intermediate before.

Post Grade

Although the teachers were at grade 9 due to their intermediate qualification now they should be given the rank of 14 scale with increment condition of education to graduation for primary classes.

Service time

The teachers should remain in the same sector throughout their service so that their progression can be created instead of promoting to other designations.


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