Govt. Shifts not the Government Fatima Jinnah College in Walled City

Lahore: Raja Yasir Humayun the Minister of Higher Education has promised the Board of Governors of the Government Fatima Jinnah College, Chuna Mandi, the college won’t be given in the custody of Walled City of Lahore (WCLA)

The college has its recognition for the architectural heritage of Mughal area said the Minister while he was presiding over a meeting of college; he also assured the people that the college will not be handed over to Walled City. He added that they will use the building for a historical place to be visited by the tourists but the studies of the students will not be affected. He said that the department of Archaeology will rebuild the demolished area of the building.


The Fatima Jinnah College for Women Chuna Mandi is situated in the historical Asif Jah Haveli in the Walled City of Lahore.

Suggestion for guided tours in college in the earlier period also mugged criticism from within and outside the college


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