The future of more than 800 female students of another college in Karachi is in danger

Karachi: Another college in the city is feared to be a victim of forced closure, the future of more than 800 students of the Government Girls Degree College is in jeopardy.
According to the details, Government Girls Degree College Block N North Nazimabad is feared to be a victim of forced closure, on which students, parents and teachers protested at the press club.
The call for protest was given by the Students Parents Action Committee of the college and the Students Parents Federation of Pakistan.
According to the protestors, Sarfraz Ahmed Academy's case related to the college ground dispute is going on in the court, and education in the college has been suspended after the order of the Sindh High Court. is closed, and the students are deprived of education.
Parents have demanded that the college should start teaching immediately, enrollment dates for girls are running, and practicals are to be held, but the mysterious silence of the education department is deplorable.
According to the parents, the girls' college has been closed since January 2, but the education department is not paying attention.
During the demonstration, students and parents also raised slogans, they raised slogans like 'we want education not cricket, Sarfraz Ahmed vacate our college ground, and restore education in Government Girls Degree College Block N'.

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