The First Electric Plane Made By China Makes its First Flight

The world is changing so are power sources to run the machines. China-made electric plane took its first flight of two hours as compared to previous 45 minutes flight attempt. 
 Designed by Shenyang Aerospace University, the RX1E-A, completed its task after it flew from the Shenyang’s Caihu airport in located in the Northwest of China. 
Zou Haining, deputy head of Liaoning General Aviation Academy said that this increased durability of the plane will allow it to hit the American and European demand of market. 
The plane has also been equipped with a parachute which will make sure the safe landing of the pilot as well as the plane. 
The plane can go up to the speed of 160 km/h which will make possible the transportation, pilot’s training, taking a tour and the photographer’s interest to capture aerial pictures.  

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