TFP to Provide Standard Education to Underprivileged Children


Teach for Pakistan (TFP), is an initiative for providing the standard education to underprivileged children. It has been launched for 2018-2020 programs.

The groundbreaking initiative will be started from August 15 in the public schools of the federal capital. The co-workers of Teach for Pakistan will start teaching on the given date.

The TFP CEO, Khadija S Bakhtiar addressed that not a single child would be retained by its loose socio-economic background. Fellows of TFP have an aim to bring out the change for millions of underprivileged children, adding a full stop in the sentence of educational poverty.   

 In addition, many renowned representatives of government, civil societies and communities appreciated the TFP project at an impressive commencement ceremony. TFP is a part of 47 independent teaching organizations, where all are making a strong and successive teaching network for the illiterate community of children.  

One of the TFP fellows, Abdul Ghaffar applauded to the project that it will bring change in underprivileged communities of children. Furthermore, TFP would work like a converter by engaging the youth for the entire educational coverage giving to the illiterate children.  

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