Textile Expo at Iqra University

Islamabad: Iqra University held a Textile Show 2018 for the recently graduated students of Textiles. The event is to show cast the work of the emerging talented students of University. The event was inaugurated by the Vice President of Iqra University Dr. Muhammad Islam.

The exhibition was held so that the students who have worked for 4 years on their projects can exhibit their work. The projects made by them were diverse in nature and category. The exhibition included the textiles designs prints, furniture, interior designs and layouts.  The students also shared their inspiration for the picking particular design and project such as the culture and heritage of Pakistan, the environmental issues, architecture etc.

The event  was a successful exhibition for the students who displayed their work, the exhibited work included Pakistan’s Skylines’, ‘Pakistan Beautification Through The Entangled And Ragged’, ‘Golra Railway Station’, ‘Interstellar’, ‘Octopuses and Steampunk’, ‘Pakistani Malang’ and ‘Botanical Vintage’ Ajrak with Pakistani Architecture’, ‘Doorways and Lanterns’, ‘Earth View from Space at Night’, ‘Makli tombs Village Life and Bridges’ Etc.

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