Teaching of Holy Quran with translation made compulsory in Punjab

Governor Punjab, Chaudhry Muhammad Sarwar had announced prior to the month of Ramadan that Holy Quran and its teaching with translation will be taught and made compulsory. The finalization of course and content was to be finalized by a steering committee. A seven-member committee of VCs’ presented their recommendations to Governor Punjab which was headed by VC of Punjab University.

From now on wards, a student will not be awarded degree if he/she hasn’t passed out the teaching of Holy Quran. Course of Islamic Studies and Holy Quran will be separately taught. Governor Punjab said that success in this world and hereafter is important, hence, it can be achieved through learning Holy Quran with translation. Holy Quran’s translation will be taught in Urdu and amendments to constitution will be made. The notification for the same has already been publicized and it will have one credit hour per year. Non-Muslim students will be taught the subject of Ethics.


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