Teaching of Holy Quran to become a part of Syllabus


Ch. Muhammad Sarwar, Governor Punjab has announced that teaching of Holy Quran will be made compulsory and as a result he has constituted a committee comprising of all Vice Chancellors. The committee will be responsible for submitting its recommendations to Governor Punjab that how to make teaching of Holy Quran as a part of syllabus. The teaching of Holy Quran as a part of syllabus was announced by Governor Punjab in a press conference with all the VCs of Punjab. He added that the lectures will include the teaching of Quran along with translation.

The importance of such a topic was highlighted by saying that Quran is a complete code of life and students need to be educated on it so that they can become good human beings. It is the responsibility of all universities to provide such inspiring information to the younger generation. The committee will share recommendations by May 10, which will be forwarded to all public and private universities along with ulema of the province. The committee will discuss and finalize the recommendations and the decision of implementation shall be announced on May 22 which will be Jumma tul Widda (The Last Friday) of Ramadan.

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