Swiss to Announce ‘burqa ban’ Entirely After Voting

Switzerland has started polling to ban fully face-covering in public places. Campaign posters printed “stop radical Islam”, “stop extremism”. The ban makes sense for not covering full face at shops, roads, markets, or public places.

“It’s a question of civilisation. Free men and women present themselves with uncovered faces,” said Yes campaign spokesman Jean-Luc Addor, of the populist right-wing Swiss People’s Party (SVP). He added that “when a problem exists, we deal with it before it gets out of control.”

The words are about the freedom and problem in a country. Words show that they want to exit the problem but it could be seen the sense behind the debate. The debate is surely against Islam rules.  Because the whole state has only 5.5 percent Muslims. And if, the population has trouble with covering the face, then what about masks and COVID 19 precautions???

On the other side Ines El-Shikh, spokeswoman for the Purple Headscarves feminist Muslim women’s groups declares this rule useless. “In 2021, it is unacceptable for the Swiss constitution to have an article prescribing or prohibiting women from wearing whatever they want”. Further, she told that,

“A burqa ban is not done for women, but against them. Whether we are in a mini-skirt, a burqa, or topless, what we want is to be able to choose for ourselves.”

Besides, Swiss has only 30 no of ladies wearing burqa and covering their faces. So there is no problem with drop in ocean but the game against Islam.


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