Supreme Court Rejects Report Regarding Uniform Curriculum

The education secretary should solve the problem of the uniform curriculum in a month, otherwise, he will resign, Chief Justice

Chief justice Gulzar Ahmad has rejected the report presented by the federal minister of education regarding uniform curriculum all over the country. This report was rejected in Supreme Court during the hearing chaired by a two-membered bench. The court reprimanded the officials of the Ministry of Education by saying that the working report regarding the uniform curriculum is not satisfactory. The ministry is delaying the task even being aware of the importance of the task. It was said that the ministry is not taking any solid and satisfactory steps to implement the system instead the system implementation being delayed day by day.

The Chief Justice remarked that “73 years have been passed since the creation of Pakistan but the issue of the uniform curriculum has not been resolved till now. Don't destroy the race, don't play with the curriculum with children's lives.” The chief justice of the Supreme Court has ordered that if the problem of the uniform curriculum will not be solved within a month, the ministry will be resigned.  Further Supreme Court has postponed the hearing next time demanding the presence of the federal minister of education.


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