Supreme Court Approves the Petition Filed Against CSS Provincial Quota System

The Supreme Court of Pakistan accepted a petition for hearing filed against the appointments of CSS officers under quota system. The objections raised by the court registrar have also been dismissed.
The plea against the Supreme Court registrar’s objections was heard by Justice Gulzar Ahmad in his chamber. 
The quota system was allocated under Article 47 of the constitution for provinces for just a span of 40 years, said Barrister Harris, the counsel for the petitioner. The quota system was expired in 2013 but it still kept working despite duration termination.
The quota system has been violating the rights of eligible and competent competitors and discriminating them in the name of quota, the counsel said. He requested to the court to end this quota system and revive the old system of merit. Justice Gulzar Ahmad has accepted the petition and ordered to align it for hearing. 

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