Students Protest on Twitter to Cancel Cambridge Exams

CAIE, Cambridge Assessment International Exams have been scheduled in May and June due to COVID-19. Students are tensed in accordance with closed institutions all over the country. They are demanding to cancel their exams raising issue that Govt has closed all institutions till 11 April and further there is not hope for schools opening in coming weeks. On the other hand, govt has allowed to CAIE to commence exams. Students are protesting on twitter to cancel their exams in this delicate situation.

A student said in tweet, “Risking out student’s lives in the name of education demonstrates the level of stupidity of our government. Education can be continued once stopped. A heart once stopped, a life once gone, there is no continuation of life. #CIECancellationIsOurRight

Another students tweet “In Pakistan daily cases are above 4000 still CIES aren't cancelled whereas In Qatar 580 cases of daily caused them to cancel CIE isn't it 1/8th of vase in Pakistan still hey cancelled as they care about their future @Shafqat_Mahmood #CIECancellationIsOurRight

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