Spending billion not as expenditure but, investment

Spending billion not as expenditure but, investment

Promoting higher quality education, Parho Punjab Barho Punjab: CM

LAHORE _ On Friday, Chief Minister held a meeting in which he presides the progress of educational programs which worth billions rupees. He illustrated the debate with detail in which targeted every slum child is going to be a part of an educational program. Paid content documentary of the campaign; Parho Punjab barho Punjab, is running on different news channels and mass media for awareness.

The CM said that billions of rupees are invested by Punjab government, from last seven years, however, as it was the start of a long-term journey where still a lot of work is going to be done for the uplift of quality education.

As Punjab is one of the world’s largest education system and they are bringing 10,000,000+ students to government school said by the minister for education Rana Mashood Ahmad. In 2010, education roadmap was carved out by CM in which they recruited 140,000 teachers on the high quality of merit system.

Talking about schools back in 2010, there were great issues in the infrastructure and maintenance of government school which was 54,000 counted useless schools. As, there was no facility of clean drinking water, no electricity, bathroom, and furniture facility in such schools. The government in such past years till now had been very generous in providing funds to facilitate the education sector and today, it had become enabled to see positive results.

As we can see today that the number of students and literacy rate has been increased in schools as compared to the year back in, 2010.

Almost all the roadmap towards education is achieved. Where now, the government is re-launching the cycle of roadmap again, to focus the quality of education heavily, to make our education system the world best education system. 

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