Special Education Department refuses to distribute free textbooks to 35,000 special students

As per the recent notification of Punjab’s Chief Minister, all public schools had to distribute free textbooks which was done as advised. But Special Education Department has refused to distribute textbooks among 35,000 special students owing to budgetary constraints. Blind students are also provided with brail boxes but no special fund is allotted for that as per Special Education Department. With this decision, students are now forced to buy textbooks on their own despite the crunched financial situation.

Out of these 35,000 students, 5,000 students are only studying in Lahore City. Due to this unjust statement and decision taken by Special Education Department, students are now deprived of basic educational facilities. According to sources, same practice is followed every year as students don’t get free textbooks from last few years. Authorities of the department say that they are managing expenses with a high austerity but now the situation is out of control. They have further requested Punjab textbook board to distribute books among special students.


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