SOPs finalized for the opening of schools


The entire educational sector is constantly pushing the government for the opening of schools but it remains to be dependent on the overall situation in country. Pakistan has been coping with the deadly virus and situation is similar from one city to another. However, the situation is more worst in some of the urban centers of the country which makes it another problem for the government to open schools. Most of the population is in these very urban centers and similarly, large number of staff and students would be at risk. At last, the Education Department of Punjab has finalized a set of SOPs for the opening up of schools so that safety of all can be ensured.

The SOPs are shared with the government’s Education Ministry and are in line with the standards of World Health Organization (WHO). SOPs include the temperature screening of each individual entering into the school, hand sanitizers shall be available at entrance and exit points, a walk through gate of sanitizer spray, wearing of face masks with gloves made exceptional in few areas only. In addition to that, morning assemblies, functions, events and all sorts of ceremonies are prohibited until any further improvement in the health conditions of the country.

Moreover, the schools will operate in 2 different shifts, morning and afternoon. Only 20 students will be allowed to sit in one class room with 2 students to share a single desk which is normally shared by 4 students. If the classes are of senior level, then required distance shall be maintained by the administration of school. The draft of these SOPs are being developed in line with the guidelines issued by Federal Minister for Education and Professional Training, Mr. Shafqat Mahmood. He advised all the provinces and their education departments to devise a set of SOPs until the month of August. A final inter provincial meeting shall take place in the first week of September which will decide the fate of educational institutes.


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