Sonic Eye; young Pakistani girl’s invention changes lives

Peshawar: Peshawar’s Hafsa Jamal has developed a device which could help visually impaired people. The developer has deep sense and tendency of doing social welfare works.

The developer has named this device “Sonic Eye” which helps the sightless people in walking as it has navigation system fixed on a cane. She has attached a buzzer to the sensor also which turns off whenever there is some obstacle in the way of a walking visually impaired person.

This young bright student is also working on an app which would help the sightless people in walking with the help of their Smartphone, without any traditional cane.

Currently, the developer of Sonic Eye Hafsa Jamal is working to improve her developed device by adding new sensors which will include a new camera. This camera will not only help in identification of the objects but also help in identification of currency notes.

Having a strong sense of social welfare, Hafsa Jamal said that this device can change the lives of visually impaired people and this device can be provided to the people of whole country free of cost with the aid of government. 

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