Social Media and Electronic media banned in Pakistan

The government of Pakistan has ordered to ban social media sites after taking the news channels off air including facebook, twitter and youtube, according to news channel ARY. The sites are blocked in several parts of the country at the moment, according to media reports.

This ban will initiate a chaotic situation for the business sector, educational sector and communication sector whose daily works mostly rely on the internet and social media.The digital business market seems worried about their business being disrupted as most of e-business is relying on facebook and other social media websites.The educational sector and the people looking for daily communications are also amongst the victims of this sudden ban on the most visited platforms on the internet.

The government’s aim is to tackle the protesters of sit-in in Islamabad which has made the traveling between two sister-cities almost impossible.

The websites are not accessible through computers but users can reach them through mobile applications without any obstacles. 

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