Situation gets difficult for Foreign Students in USA

As covid-19 spread around the world with US being the leading affected countries, all the educational institutes of the world went online. Classes, assessments and research all were shifted to existing or new online platforms. No developed, developing or under developed country remained free from the fear of spreading the deadly virus and hence, closed all institutes and started imparting education through online platforms.

In a recent development, US Immigration has advised all the foreign students to leave the country, who are taking online classes. The government is trying to curb the spread of disease and therefore, the immigration department has stated that no visas will be issued to students who are taking an online course in any of the university across US. Only those universities’ students will be allowed to enter US that are enrolled with a university offering online program on permanent basis.

With low numbers of such universities in the country, many students have no option other than leaving the country, otherwise, they will be deported within a month. Many leading universities also showed their concerns that this will pose serious threat to the goodwill and international image. Some of the notable universities, such as, Harvard, MIT and American Council of Education said that this will create more uncertainty among the people.


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