Sindh takes lead in offering 20% concession by all Private Schools

The concession in the fees for the month of April and May were announced by the education minister of Sindh. All the Private Schools were concerned of the fact that they are required to pay the salaries of their employees too from the fees collected. However, the All Sindh Private Schools and Colleges Association (ASPSCA) has committed that they will be reducing the fees for all the students.

ASPSCA issued a statement owing to the stay granted by Sindh High Court against a petition filed by a famous Private School Chain. The Chairman ASPSCA said that most of the Private Schools had issued discounted fee vouchers to all the parents. He further said that we are trying to benefit the parents in our capacity based on humanitarian grounds.

ASPSCA’s Chairman met with education minister and said that we will stick to the directives of government and request the parents to pay the fee with 20% concession. This is the time of building trust and confidence. These times of crises will pass but the relationship during this will be remembered forever.

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