Sindh Madrasatul Islam University to Attain Higher Education Faculty

The central government is about to start yet another project of developing Sindh Madrasatul Islam University in order to provide higher education to the students of Karachi and interior Sindh with a budget of Rs 1637.652 million.
The project will be completed by HEC in order to improve the standards of SMIU and providing an opportunity to the students of Sindh to improve their academic achievements. 
The completion deadline of the project is proposed to be 36 months and for that a Power, Development and Works development office has already been established to do the required task of the university. 
The responsibility has been placed on the shoulder of SMIU to complete the project within the deadline. 
The project is aimed at the improvement of educational facilities for the students and make it accessible for the students of backward areas. 
The tuition fee of the university will be its only income and HEC will supervise the university in order to provide better facilities and quality education to the students. 
About 300-350 students would get enrolled and get quality education after the up-gradation. 
It is one of the oldest institutes of Asia and duly recogonised by HEC. It has a rich history and was established about 132 years ago as a school. Quaid e Azam also read in this institute for almost 4.5 years. 

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