Sindh Govt Reappoints Dr. Asim as HEC Chairman

The Sindh government has reappointed Dr. Asim Hussain as the chairman of Higher Education Commission Sindh. He has been a federal minister and the leader of Pakistan People’s Party.

“In continuation of this department’s notification of even number dated 28.1.2014 & in exercise of the powers conferred under Section 5 (1) of the Sindh Higher Education Commission Act-2013, the Chief Minister Sindh/ Controlling Authority has been pleased to re-appoint Dr. Asim as Chairperson, Sindh Higher Education Commission for one more similar term,” the notification reads issued by the Sindh chief secretary on Sunday.

With his chairmanship, he will also be enjoying his position as a provincial minister of Sindh. It is the same position for which he was arrested back in 2015 by Sindh Rangers.

Dr. Asim Hussain is a close friend of former president of Pakistan Asif Ali Zardari and has been indulged into several mega corruption cases including a corruption charge of 479 billion rupees.

He was also accused of treating terrorists in a hospital owned by him. He has also been accused of creating an artificial shortage of gas to increase the prices of urea fertilizer up to 100%.

The Federation of All Pakistan Academic Association showed disapproval for the reappointment of Dr. Asim Hussain as he has been failed to fulfill his duties and has been a highly controversial figure.

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