Sindh Board Faces Difficulty in Conducting Matric and Inter Exams

The chairpersons of all Sindh Boards have written letters to the Government of Sindh to allow the funds to conduct the exam of Matric and Intermediate. If these funds would not be issues, it would be difficult to conduct the board exams this year.

It was mentioned in the latter that the total grant was nearly 3 billion RS. That is still not provided to BISE’s of Sindh. The government is showing laziness to transfer the funds therefore employees are not working properly because their salaries are also pending due to lack of funds.

If the fund is not issued immediately there are possible chances to cancel the exams of the Sindh board. The expenses are not being properly addressed and teachers are not having a setback as they are not getting their salaries.

According to the chairperson of Sukker Board “will have to conduct examinations by begging” if the provincial Govt fails to issue the funds. The heads of the boards claim that they have tried to reach the Govt several times and also they are told the situation but still, there is no response from government and the time of exams is not so far so there are chances of cancelation of exams if funds are not issued on time by the provincial govt.


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