Shafqat Mehmood Announces No exams Until June 15 due to Rising Coronavirus Cases

During the alarming situation of it is decided to cancel the all exams in Pakistan till 15 june.

Tuesday meeting chaired by federal minister of education Shafqat Mehmood and special Assistant on health Dr. Faisal Sultan has decicded to postpone all current and upcoming exams in Pakistan due to severe situation on COVID-19 till 15 June. This decision was taken in with suggestion NCOC. Cambridge on going O level exams are also postponed. Education Minister has given the facility to student of O and A Level to appear in October session for exams if they cannot appear in June session of examination. He tolfd in his tweet

Addressing health concerns of students and parents All exams cancelled till June 15 and depending on the spread of the disease may even go further. Cambridge exams postponed till Oct/Nov for all grades. Only exception for those in A2 who have a compulsion to take exam now

In this respect, the government has issued commands that no exam location will have more than 50 people [to maintain suitable social distancing].

Exams of 9, 10, 11 and 12, which were supposed to begin from the end of May, have been delayed further," the minister said. "No board exams will be held till mid-June (June 15). He added by saying from the last meeting to till now corona cases has been increased rapidly so this decision was not easy for the government.

The students’ reaction on the decision is very encouraging as they are calling the Shafqat Mehmood as the responsible minister of education. Parents are also happy because the condition has gone to its reach. Conducting exams means to push the students in dark well with the risk of their lives.



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