Schools Opening SOPs issued by Government of KP

A base date announced for reopening of not only schools but educational institutes in general is of 15th September, therefore, all provinces are making required arrangements so that a final decision could be declared by Federal Ministry of Education. Recently, in the start of August, Punjab and Sindh had shared SOPs for their respective institutes. On the same pattern, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa’s (KP) Education Ministry has developed SOPs and shared it with their schools so that a reopening can be announced. All SOPs are pretty similar to what other provinces and more importantly, federal government had developed.

All schools are directed to check temperatures of all students and staff members while entering the institute. Any staff of student having high temperatures will not be allowed to enter or attend the school on that day and shall be sent on one (01) day leave. Students and staff members having symptoms of corona will be given a seven (07) day leave and if that same member or any other staff or student tests positive for covid-19, they shall be granted a special leave of fourteen (14) days. In case of student, the entire class of that student will also be granted a 14-day leave and entire teaching staff shall be tested for corona virus.

In addition to that, face masks shall be maintained by all with no exception for anyone. Social distancing shall also be practiced on strict grounds with no handshake policy during the entire upcoming academic year. SOPs will have no exception, either an individual is staff, teacher, student or anyone from senior level management of the institute. Moreover, students and staff members will have no gathering sessions like morning assemblies, break times and any other events of such nature. All students will be advised to bring lunch boxes from their homes and no one will be allowed to share their food with any other student.

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