Schools closed in Malir after principals test positive for COVID-19

Due to the spread of Covid-19 six public schools located in the Malir district are closed by The Sindh School Education & Literacy Department.

Detail of close school are as; Government Boys Secondary School, Jan Muhammad Ahmedani, Government Girls Secondary School, Haji Saeen Rakhio Campus, Government Boys Secondary School, Model Haqqani Campus, Government Girls Lower Secondary School, Konkar, Government Boys Secondary School, Radho Jokhio, and Government Boys Higher Secondary School, Konkar.

In the notification delivered by education officer of Malir district stated that principals of these schools are tested positive for the novel coronavirus after random sampling were taken for the Covid-19 tests.

The closed schools are directed to take necessary measures and guidelines given by Ministry of National Health Services Regulations & Coordination for educational institutions, and they will remain closed till further notice.

The notification further explained, staff rooms, classrooms and other facilities which are used by the infected persons are close to minimum five days and methods will be taken to disinfection the virus in campus.

The students and other staff members who were in contact with the infected persons are advised to isolate them for five days at home.

On November 1, the closed schools may be open again, but after the institute authorities make this sure that all the standard operating procedures are taken for safely continue the academic activities.

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