Schedule of free textbooks distribution announced

District Education Authorities (DEA) were advised in a notification to distribute textbooks within their jurisdiction’s public sector schools, however, they were instructed to complete this distribution at their earliest. The schedule for such distribution is being announced by DEA, books will be distributed among 10th, 9th, 8th and 7th class students in the first phase.

Distribution will start from tomorrow 8th June with 10th class, on 9th June among the 9th class students and similarly, 15th June and 16th June are decided for 8th and 7th classes respectively. 22nd June and 23rd June will be followed likewise for distribution of textbooks among class 6th and 5th. Lastly, students of class 4th and 3rd will get free textbooks on 29th June and 30th June respectively. Administrators of the school will allocate all the books to respective class in charges a day before the distribution. However, banners of SOPs related to corona virus shall be displayed in schools and no one would be allowed to enter the school without face masks. Social distancing shall be ensured by the school authorities as per the directions of DEAs.


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