SC Prohibits Private Schools from Charging Fees for Summer Break

The Supreme Court of Pakistan has barred the private schools’ authorities to charge the fee for summer vacation, on Thursday.

A poor citizen’s child cannot afford to study in a private school with heavy fees and it is government’s inefficiency that it has failed badly to prioritize education to the poor, the Chief Justice Mian Saqib Nisar remarked.

"It is state's responsibility to ensure free education for the children aged till 16-year-old," the Chief Justice observed. "Currently more students are enrolled in private institutions than in government schools," he further remarked.

It is government’s responsibility to provide free education to every child in the country, and the government has the mandate to take over the schools in Pakistan, the Chief Justice added.

The poor parents would be glad to not pay the school fee and utilize this money for the comfort and necessities of their families, the Chief Justice remarked. 

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