Roots International School (RIS) Gets Award as “Best Educational Institute”

Roots International School (RIS) has once again got an achievement award for enhancing education, training, and development.  RIS is controlling under the leadership of Walid Mushtaq.  According to the press release, Roots International Institute awarded as “Best Educational Institute” in the Federation of Pakistan Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FBCCI). 

The RIS CEO and Rector MIUC, Walid Mushtaq awarded by Mumnoon Hussain, the President of Pakistan. The achievement award “Best Educational Institute” was received by Alina Malik. Walid Mushtaq has already been awarded six FPCCI consecutive Achievement Awards through his strong dedications and efforts.

Walid Mushtaq has been delivered his services to the country for over two decades keeping hold of the best International standard organization. 

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