Researchers Required in IT Industry of Pakistan

On Tuesday 30th October ,at the ending ceremony of Career Fair 2018 by University of Karachi, department of Computer Sciences The Federal Minister for Information Technology Khalid Maqbool Siddique addressed the attendees and said Technology has opened new ventures for everyone, a lot of youngsters are doing specialization in various aspects of Information Technology with the support provided  by Government.

He added that Pakistan is in the top 5 ranking of countries with best free lancers in the field of IT. it is a great pleasure for me today to be part of association with the initiative of  University of Karachi , department of Computer Sciences, which is working towards the promotion of new technologies and several job opportunities for IT students. Furthermore he appreciated the youngsters and their efforts behind the promotion and development of such events.

Dr Sadiq Ali Khan , the chairman of Computer Science department said the world has shrunk into a global village because of globalization , development and scientific growth. It has become pivotal to design the curriculum and degrees according to the current trends of market and industry. He further added that we need more people in the research field to compete with other countries in the field of IT. The talented professional developers are present in Pakistan but they are not enough. More students should take part in the field of IT to develop international market for Pakistani products.


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