Request for funds declined by HEC

Higher Education Commission (HEC) has declined the request of few universities for releasing of more funds owing to the financial constraints the body has with itself. In total, 20 universities’ requests have been declined by HEC. The statement released by HEC stated that no more universities will be added to the grant stream due to eradication of financial leverage it had earlier to emergence of COVID-19. Universities had requested HEC for funding in the next fiscal year.

However, HEC said that funding to these new universities will mean that the grants for older universities will be reduced, whereas, they are being given funds to stand in the tough times of corona virus. Moreover, a special fund for the universities in Balochistan, GB and FATA has also been approved which is final and mandatory. The grants of certain universities have also been increased but that is closely associated with its performance including research publications, number of research grants, grading of internet used for accessing digital resources, finances spent on conferences, training and professional travels.


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