Registration of 10 Medical/Dental Colleges revoked

Amid of corona virus crisis, the problems for 10 medical and dental colleges have increased as their registration has been cancelled by Pakistan Medical and Dental Council (PMDC) and have banned them for students. It means that they are now not in a position to get students admitted for the educational programs being offered. In addition to that, PMDC has advised all of these colleges to stop all classes immediately and students enrolled in these colleges shall be facilitated by PMDC itself. The students will be adjusted in any of the other medical and dental colleges recognized by PMDC which has similar standard and fees to the one in which any of the students are currently enrolled.

The name of those 10 colleges are; Abbottabad International Medical College, Fazaia Ruth PFAO Medical College, Dow Dental College, Muhammad Dental College, Swat Medical College, Shifa College of Dentistry, Azra Naheed Dental College, Watim Medical College, Khairpur Medical College and Dental Section Rawal Institute of Health Sciences. Another disastrous situation for these 10 colleges is that PMDC has demanded them to refund the fees collected from students in shape of transferring that amount to PMDC so those students can be adjusted in other colleges.

This decision has been taken in the light of Islamabad High Court’s (IHC) decision as PMDC was dissolved in the month of October, 2019 and Pakistan Medical Commission (PMC) was formed as result. Employees of PMDC filed a case by challenging this decision. However, these medical and dental colleges were inspected and granted registration by PMC, therefore, all the decisions taken by PMC were declared unlawful. These colleges will be inspected at a future date as decided by PMDC and a decision regarding their registration will be taken.

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